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This is more or less a newsletter for job seekers like myself.  I try to find good job search strategies, bad job search strategies, pure BS and job related articles every week.  So far I’ve never run short.  Please pass this around. I’m not doing this for any reason other than the desire to help and communicate with other job seekers.  If you have any good links or stories, especially stories please comment.  If you want the story private, just put that in the comment and I will trash it and  not let it post.

Comment from a recruiter that showed up on my Facebook Timeline:

AAARRGGGHH – Sometimes my industry is its own worst enemy!! Nothing worse that introducing a great candidate to your client, who you have met, interviewed at length and provided insight to about the role and client company only to be told some chancer has found a CV on line somewhere, never spoken to the candidate and just fired the CV in to the client and is now claiming ownership, slowing the process down, causing conflict and generally being a pain in the a*$e!! The quicker we get rid of this type of cowboy in our industry the better.

And comments on the post:

Well articulated XXX, I couldn’t agree more. Companies/clients just try to be fair in the process (well most do with the occasional exception). Unfortunately it is first come first served and they rightly don’t want to pay two introduction fees. I strongly believe that even though job-boards have subscribed members, data protection should still be applicable and the short-cutting/chancer recruiter should have to answer to data protection laws. I hope you get the result it sounds like you deserve

I really feel for clients and candidates who get caught up in this type of thing. It is so damaging to those of us who operate in an ethical and honest manner. Everyone should be made to do their CERT RP and punished when not following an ethical practice. I hope the situation is quickly resolved in your favour.

years ago – agencies were licensed, if this thing happened they could have their license revoked – there are a number of large agencies that would have it revoked for the way they operate – lets bring that back. Only agencies that don’t follow REC guidelines would complain

It won’t be a case of first come first serve – as a consultant doesn’t own a CV because it has been found on line and permission MUST be given. The candidate will decide who is going to work on placing them as they are not a product. If the candidate emails the client and cc’s you that permission was “not given” neither the client or the competitor has a leg to stand on. There is actually “case law” on this. You also need to educate the client on the seriousness of the issue and ask hem how they would feel if they put their cv on line and 50 recruitment consultancies sent their CV’s to jobs without asking them. The candidate has the right to decide who their agent is and it’s easy to get them to ping an email when you point out the moral and ethical implications of what’s happened. If the candidate doesn’t send an email confirming that – they probably agreed with the competitor to send it

Interesting guys, this has happened to me many a time with competitors taking shortcuts. It usually backfires on them and rightly so. In my experience most candidates want to be represented with full consultation.

I rarely comment on this media as often it is full of non professional trivia but have to challenge this. The Recruitment industry generically needs to up its game in terms of service to both candidates and employers. I personally tire of reading this type of post and the industry needs to be very careful not to criticise others ways of working until such time as put its own house in order. I have no involvement in the specific issue but raise a generic point

Thank for all you points, all very valid. There was never any problem with the candidate or client. The client honoured our intro from the start, never any question there. My point was more to highlight how in 2016 the cowboy element is still at large and how they can be a barrier to getting things done. Having been in the industry for quite a while (I’m positively prehistoric in recruitment terms) I have seen our industry become hugely more professional and specialist over the years

This is always a grey area whilst Employers are unsure of the facts, but it’s not about first past the post but who “initiated” the opportunity with the candidate – and who the Candidate and Client “chose” to work with. Clients go with the first-in option as it is easier to measure and clearer to define – but not necessarily the right decision and of course, the ‘first-in’ approach just encourages poor practice, where all 3 parties become unstuck. Thankfully it sounds like your Client had the right attitude on this – but we need to help ourselves (like you say we are our own enemy) and educate all Employers !

Classic Shotgun V Sniper recruitment styles. Why has a recruiter sent a CV to a client without asking the candidate first, very poor practise and totally unethical. If I was the cand I would be furious

Candidates need to understand the benefit of a great agency and the work they do behind the scenes that we do not see. Anyone can send a client a cv but is it the right fit for both respective parties. Educate you candidates and your clients and they will stay loyal

I usually send the recruiter a mail saying I am happy for them to represent me exclusively for that particular role. Technically that should cover your back if somebody else couldn’t produce such an email? TBH if somebody passes around my CV without asking me I’d refuse to be represented by them… Or work for somebody who thinks that’s not an attack on my privacy

I dont understand why a Client would pay % of fee to get a CV from a job board when they could pay pennies to someone in Pakistan , Bangladesh , India to mine the same job boards and get bucket load of CV’s

Unfortunately it’s the way the healthcare recruitment industry is done by 95% of the consultants in it, hence the constant tug-of-wars between agencies and the candidates going to the highest bidder which has driven the rates up gradually higher until the rate caps have come in the past 6 months

The spray and pray agencies give us all a bad name. We now have lots of clients who ask for proof that we have spoken to the candidate and we have their express permission to represent them before accepting the CV so this helps

As a candidate, I would waste no time advising the client as to which recruiter had my consent to submit me for consideration. Either the client acknowledges that nobody decides who represents me but me, or good luck finding a candidate willing to tolerate being steamrolled, since that’s clearly a thing for that client

Trouble is that the company will probably walk away from the candidate in order to avoid the conflict. The candidate is the blameless loser here. It’s happened to me before

Its a similar situation where many an experienced O&G or industry worker is gazzumped by someone sporting a brand new certificate with minimal experience and being represented by agencies who cannot differentiate between these two factors or know read a CV. Hopefully your industry will start to police itself to weed out these parasites and at the same time educate your clients as to the benefits of experience over a piece of paper

I read the comments about referring back to the candidate with a wry smile as I have had to do this a number of times. In one instance the candidate sent each recruiter an email agreeing to be represented by them, in another the candidate claimed that neither agency had spoken to them about the role. I think candidate education is the key – they don’t always understand the harm that being presented twice (or more) can do. Having a good relationship with the client does no harm either

I agree. We also need to get rid of recruitment agencies who agree to find people for companies that refuse to pay anywhere near market rates. Why should the contractor take the hit for the relentless pursuit of revenue by agencies. Why don’t agencies push back thus encouraging companies to pay the going rate????????

Any client can rightfully refuse to accept CVs from a recruiter. If this ”chancer” (or his/her employer) is a ”preferred supplier” then all you can hope is that this action causes them to review who they engage with. If you have been in the recruitment game for any length of time and work contigency/ad hoc and this has not happened to you at some point/in some way then you are probably in the minority. It’s been happening for years and will continue. All you can do is work as hard as you can to secure working relationships that have the strongest chance to avoid the odds of getting done up!

It’s better to hire those who’ve learned from their mistakes.

How to outwit an online job application.

Basically you admit it’s useless and call the company to find out who to send the resume to.  Which sort defeats the usefulness of the ATS.

Isn’t ageism illegal?
When It Comes to Age Bias, Tech Companies Don’t Even Bother to Lie

On the other hand stupidity has it’s own reward.

What did he expect.

It’s actually not his fault.  The entire system is set up around the same canned questions and same canned answers.  With the consequences for failure, huge for the candidate.


“they give me a canned or “what they think I want to hear” answer to one of my questions” Because they see you as looking for any reason to reject them so Waylon Smithers comes out to play. This is the typical result of getting 100-200 applications for jobs – the attitude is screen out versus the correct attitude of screen in. “My “product” is my candidate ” And you forgot the other product: The ability to get the candidate a job. If you can’t do that, your sales skills are bad. “Now, before everyone jumps all over me to comment that money isn’t everything to everyone, IMHO it had better be everything to a junior sales person at this stage in their career. ” I agree. But we get people who don’t want to hire mercenaries. So people avoid talking about money. They don’t want to be rejected

Are employees going away?

Employee Extinction? The Rise of Contract, Temp Workers in Business

Think of it as getting our freedom back.

Five ways to conform with the herd.

Of course between the various filtering methods, individuality and creativity don’t help you any more.

Uniquely Japanese interview questions.

Are job boards supplanting recruiting agencies?

Maybe the question should be, are recruiting agencies rendering themselves irrelevant?

The biggest mistake candidates make?  Pushing too hard.

I can see that, but it’s hard not to when the stakes are so high.

Why you should hire people over 55?

They will get the job done and not complain.  Experience gives you focus and seriousness.


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