Tesla Failing At Manufacturing

The failure seems to be rather obvious at this point.
This La Times article discusses some of the issues.
Tesla’s problems come from the fact that neither Musk nor most of the top Tesla top people are car guys. They are enthralled with the gee whiz technology of electric cars, but don’t really understand cars and really don’t understand how to manufacture in a mass production environment.

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It’s A Duesy!!


When you see that, usually misspelled, it means that something is over the top, as good as it gets.  Most people have forgotten that that once meant a car.  A car that still touches the soul with it’s power and elegance. Many people think that the Duesenberg was the best car that America ever produced.

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True Craftsmen

Building cars by hand.

I don’t know if recreating the work of past masters constitutes art, but with cars, you can at least not feel as guilty driving a priceless work of art the way it was meant to be driven.  Those Ferraris were meant to be driven in the Mille Miglia, right on the edge, not hidden in a garage and displayed like precious jewels, only brought out to trailer to the concourse.  At least with a replica like this the car will be driven.