It’s Time For Another Research Stuff Post.

Here’s yet another post of videos and other things that I found while looking for things involved in the story.
More videos and websites with tidbits of information, not very well organized, but all useful.

The Depression.


Doing road work.

Windy New York.

NYC in the snow.

French ads:

Amusement parks.

Curtiss seaplane flight.

harvesting oats with a reaper.

NYC fire trucks.

A park in NYC.

Pictures of Greenwich village.

Chinese armor.

Brown and Sharpe 1924 tool catalog.


Horse stuff.
Horse Coat Colors - updated
A Writer’s Guide to Horses Part VII
A Writer’s Guide to Horses Part VIII
Writer’s Guide to Horses Part IX
Writer’s Guide to Horses Part X

Women in trousers.

Faultless speedster.
On The Road: The original kit racer

A seeder:

The encyclopedia of fairies.

The Harlem River Speedway.

The China tea trade.

The 1938 Broadway LTD.

Another RR movie.

Bolton Valley.

abandoned ski tow.

The lost ski areas of New England.

Still more translators.

Armada chests.

More Good Stuff, Found On The Web

Here’s some more stuff I found while looking for this and that for the Mermaid thing. This time it’s a good blog for and introduction to firearms, a look at lunch from the NYPL, a ton of stuff on the Fulton Fish Market, some gangster related web pages and material on 1920’s and 1930’s kitchens and home stuff.

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