Still More Stuff I found On The Web

This is still more things that I have found on the web looking for research on the mermaid thing. Today we have some Dime novel pages, a book written in the nineteenth century that takes place in gaslight New York and the usual videos.

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More Good Stuff, Found On The Web

Here’s some more stuff I found while looking for this and that for the Mermaid thing. This time it’s a good blog for and introduction to firearms, a look at lunch from the NYPL, a ton of stuff on the Fulton Fish Market, some gangster related web pages and material on 1920’s and 1930’s kitchens and home stuff.

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Even More Treasures, from research odds and ends

The internet continues to provide.

Telephone stuff.

Boston in 1930

Flying boats.

Two Coney Island videos.

Transcontinental air service.

Public baths in NYC?

1929 Boston Marathon.

Fourth Ave bookstores.

More NYC stuff.

Some construction videos.

1920’s farming.

Antique machines.

Speed boats

Even more research odds and ends

We live in amazing times. So much can be available at your fingertips.

This is another of my series of the things I found while writing my Mermaids story.

Here is the Research Odds and Ends Series


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