More Research Stuff

This is the next in my ongoing research into the early 20th Century and New York City, with other things thrown in. I keep finding interesting things that I can use in the Dark Wars stories.

NYPL has a collection of apartment plans from the early 20th Century for high class apartments in Manhattan.

A flikr album of NYC pictures

My sister and I on top of old Port Authority Building. I looked so nerdy at age 14! 15th street and 8th avenue. March 1973. New York

Logging in Maine in the 1930’s

Some ship stuff.
Docking a ship at NYC
a video of a ship being docked.

RMS Majestic at sea in rough seas.

The China station.
A blog about the gilded age.
An ancient Roman theatre.
Annette Kellerman.

1927 Packard.

Show jumping.

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