Woman Starts Antiharrasing Database Kickstarter.

Get’s learned by SJW’s real quick

Now when I saw this story come out of the intertubes I didn’t really pay much attention.


It seemed like part of the usual activity by SJWs and Social Autopsy seemed to me be a bad idea. I should have paid more attention, because the heart of the story gets complicated and rather interesting.

First of all Candace was rather naïve about how the internet works. Or at least the part of it that I seem to inhabit.  The part where all too many emotionally unstable undeveloped personalities with electronic amplifiers will destroy people with any excuse at all.  All she wanted to do was make public the old kind of bullying, the kind that many of had to endure  in high school. We were children, indeed.


Instead, her modest Kickstarter ran right into the world of the professional cyberbully/victim SJW machine.   Listening to the interview from Ralph Retort, her product, pointed toward the NY/CT old style business world ran right into the buzzsaw of the dark side of the internet.

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Social Autopsy Creator Suggests Zoe Quinn to Blame for Racist Abuse Against Her

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It’s obvious that she didn’t understand what she was dealing with. I can understand that. I grew up in more or less the same world she did. She’s a smart young entrepreneur lady here in CT providing a service that she sees our local businesses needing. I don’t think that it’s a GOOD product, but I’m on the short stick of that anyway. I do know that I’m hearing very good stuff.  Also I don’t think that the SJWs realize just what they are dealing with.  One thing is that Candace is very professional.  She also more than likely has a network with access to powerful resources.  So when she talks about doing thinks like forensic analysis on phony email accounts to see  if they came from the same place, it’s likely that that’s going to get done.  And she punches up.  I don’t know who the kids were in Danno’s son’s car with him, but I’m guessing that they weren’t political nobody’s kids. Birds of a feather flock together.  So when that crowd and the school got caught red handed she fought them and won.  And she still lives in Stamford.  That’s being tough.

It also looks like Gamergate is coming over to her side of the issue. Or at least is willing to listen. Which is a good thing. Because, unlike Vox, who has been known go half cocked. the folks in the gamer gate crowd need to make sure that they are drawn into a pile on by the very people who are their enemies.  The advantage this time is that the SJW crowd, or at least Zoe Quinn and Randi Harper went after somebody who actually never heard of Gamergate, or Zoe and the rest.



A lot of the Gamergate types seem to be concerned about Candace’s database.  I certainly am, but for different reasons. Still she didn’t deserve what happened to her.  The problem is that Zoe didn’t stop to think, or couldn’t think outside her own weird universe.  maybe that’s the problem with all the SJWs and puppy kickers. The problem is that there is a real world out there and it will make itself heard.  I suspect that it will not end well for the whole rotten crowd when it does.