Tesla Failing At Manufacturing

The failure seems to be rather obvious at this point.
This La Times article discusses some of the issues.
Tesla’s problems come from the fact that neither Musk nor most of the top Tesla top people are car guys. They are enthralled with the gee whiz technology of electric cars, but don’t really understand cars and really don’t understand how to manufacture in a mass production environment.

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Machine Tool Pics


Recently I created a post about the history of machine tools. Here’s that post.


Since I did that post I’ve found some great pictures, links  and videos of the tools and how they  changed over the years.

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Designing machined Parts. A “Let’s Build” Resource

Ran into this excellent post on designing machined parts for manufacturing. the excellent post is from OMW Corp, a job shop in California. The link is below.  If you need some machining work done in CA, they look like a good place to go.  It’s a good guide to how to design parts for machining. There’s no great rocket science here, just common sense and understanding the tools and how they work.

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Making Micro Stuff In Micro Factories

A revolution in manufacturing is coming. The power of automation and the dropping of the costs of tools is going to change the landscape of how thing get made.  How this going to happen and what the impact will be will probably have as large an impact as the industrial revolution did back in the late 18th Century.

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