One Of The Best Catalogs For Making, Let’s Build

For long time, one of the best catalogs for inspiration to me was the catalog from Small Parts Inc.  This was a great small catalog of the kind of stuff that you might need for making.  The catalog had small bearings, gears, heat shrink tube, wire and small tubing, along with a ton of the little things that you might need for a project.

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My Hardware Favorites Folder, A Let’s Build Resource

Over the years, I’ve accumulated the websites of a bunch of stuff that I’ve used or might need someday. This my file of the engineering odds and ends that I can go to when I need to find something or look for a vendor for a part. It’s a rather eclectic collection, but saving stuff like this can save you time when you are pushing for that special part or machine element. It’s one of my more useful tools. At one time I kept most of these places as paper catalogs, but it’s easier to keep weblinks.  So there are the links from my IE favorites folder.

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