Studio Ghibli Papercraft

I realized that I hadn’t done a Ghibli post in a while.  Then Messy Nessy ran a post on the wonderful kits that Sankei produces for the Mama Aiuto gang at Studio Ghibli. How could I pass that up

These Miniature Japanese Paper Crafts are the Antidote to Pokemon

Hobby Link Japan has good tutorial on how to put the Sankei kits together.

I also found these videos, which make building the kits look easy.

Sankei is essentially two companies, one to fulfill the museum and architectural model and the kit making business, which makes the Ghibli stuff and other things for hobby.  It looks like the hobby business is growing.  Check out the videos for how easily these kits go together.

Most of these kits are not to expensive and many could provide an afternoon of creativity and some thing nice to show for it for  $20.00.  Try them out.

sirited away train

Spirited Away And How I Discovered Japanese Railroads


I’ve been a railfan and model railroader for most of my life.  I’ve been reading the railroad magazines almost constantly since I was seven years old or so if the magazines I was tossing recently were correct.  My focus was on my local railroad, the New Haven, which was merged into nonexistence in 1969 and other local to NYC railroads with some interests in American railroads in general.  I knew about things like the Shinkansen, but in a very abstract way.  I put the Shinkansen on my bucket list and left it there.

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Two Videos About Miyazaki

Ran into these two wonderful videos about how Miyazaki approaches his work. I don’t have much to add.

I’ve put a bunch of Ghibli stuff up on this blog and I will be putting up more, I suspect.

You can read about how Miyazaki creates in his two memoir volumes, Starting Point.

And Turning Point.

As wonderful as Miyazaki’s films are, they don’t actually represent the full scope of his story telling. The videos barely mention Miyazaki’s manga, you can’t ignore it and understand where the themes for a lot of the movie stuff comes from.

Plastic model based on Hayao Miyazaki’s as-yet unreleased manga “Teppo Samurai” goes on sale

Miyazaki was drawing anthromorphic pigs long before Porco Rosso. Of course the manga and films are not the only homes for Miyazaki’s pigs.  They can also be found somewhere in the Ghibli Museum, looking strangely like Miyazaki himself. But I’m not going to say where in the museum the tableau is. You will just have to find it for yourself.

But plan your trip carefully this year as the museum is closing from May 9 to July 15 this year for maintenance.

Heads up—Japan’s Ghibli Museum will be closed for two months as of this May




Rocket 24 ran a post about Tomonoura and since I’ve been to Tomonoura I thought I would add some pics and commentary. This where Miyazaki went for the beautiful images that made up his film “Ponyo.”  This is a post I’ve wanted to do for some time and Rocket’s post was the perfect excuse to do up an introduction to this wonderful place.

Here’s the “Ponyo” trailer.  If you haven’t seen the movie, buy or rent it.  You will not be sorry.

Having been there it’s easy to see why.

The wiki.

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Here’s an NHK video.

Another video.

The vintage bus you can see in my album.

The old port is full of Edo period buildings left over from the port’s glory days when it was an important stop on the inland sea.


A store selling peach liquor in an Edo period building


The shop of an incredible artist in ceramics.  I bought some ceramic cats for friends and relatives.


Like the movie there is a lot of shipping near the town.




A Flikr album with my Tomonoura pictures.


The Rocket 24 post that tripped my post off.

Another post from Rocket24.

Tomonoura is one of those magical places that sometimes happen when left behind by time.  If you are in the region and tired of nuclear malaise it’s a great off the driven path place to visit.  the scenery is wonderful, the food great and it’s a great place to shop and explore. There’s also the thrill of feeling like you are in a Ghibli movie.  A truly wonderful place to go.

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Have you seen the Studio Ghibli music video for Chage & Aska’s “On Your Mark”?

The classic Studio Ghibli short that most people don’t know about.



We’re sure nearly all of our readers have, at the very least, heard of Studio Ghibli. You’ve probably seen a few — or even most — of their films, but we’d be surprised if many have seen everything the company has produced. But don’t take that the wrong way! We’re not questioning anyone’s dedication. It just turns out there are quite a few rare Ghibli works out there in the wild.

For example, “On Your Mark,” a music video for the song of the same name by Chage & Aska, is apparently unknown to quite a few young Japanese anime fans. But what about you? Have you seen it? If not, it’s definitely one of the weirdest (and most interesting) music videos you’re likely to see this week. And if you have seen it, here’s your chance to watch it one more time!

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