Musing About Pencils

When I was growing up there was a small pencil factory in town, the Ruwe pencil company.  They had their shop in a small building on the West side of town and I think that just about every pencil in school came from them.  I think that I went on at least one field trip there as well.  At least I remember the mills and gluing machines working away.

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Using Solidworks For 3D Printing

This looks like it would be pretty easy to do for somebody who’s fairly experienced in Solidworks.

SOLIDWORKS Meets Star Trek: Beyond

Designing for 3D Printing with Cosplay Artist Kirby Downey

Solidworks is a powerful tool for designing parts.  When I think that I have mastered the program, I see stuff that makes me want to learn how to do it. This sort of thing, for instance.  I don’t have a 3D printer right here, but I do have a makerspace with printers nearby and some ideas for projects.  Now all I need to do is crank up Solidworks and draw them up.

Building A Maker Society

Why is manufacturing important?  I wish that I didn’t have to point this out, but apparently many people don’t really understand the difference between service work and work that actually adds real value in goods. The problem is that services just push money around without actually producing any real assets.

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