Senator Blumenthal, If Your Staff Has A Problem Giving You A Brief On Firearms And Manufacturing Technologies, I Can Help.

Perhaps then you would not look like a blithering idiot on television. Of course you weren’t the only idiot.


Perhaps If he spent sometime talking  the working members of his constituency he understand some things.  Of course a lot of people don’t seem to understand.

First of all the guns the Senator had on his poster were Ar-15 type Semiautomatic rifles, not the “Liberator” pistol that was the subject of the court case.  Second, anybody with the access to the #D printer already has access to the kind of tool to create a pistol that can be printed in a short amount of time in any case.

All you need is the dimensions for the cartridge of your choice, .45 ACP, for instance.

Given that, and my copy of SolidWorks I could create a design that could be 3D printed in about a couple of hours. SolidWorks is expensive, but there are 3D Cad models that can be had for free. I might want to use springs and a filed piece of drill rod for the firing pin but those can be obtained from a hardware store.

On the other end of the 3D printed scale is the 1911 made from 3D printed parts.

Of course that gun required an expensive metal sintering 3D printer and the expensive metal powders those printers use.

There are better ways to go about getting a gun. You can just order most of it through the mail as this guy did.

The fact that you don’t need fancy machinery to make a gun as these guys in Pakistan demonstrate.

The thing is, Senator, is the reason you are so excited isn’t the guns. You have full time armed security and you won’t give it up. After all, apparently you don’t trust your own neighbors. Or are there other reasons?
It seems strange that you would side with those who want to control far too much of our lives over the interests of your constituents like myself who need the freedom to be brilliant and that the state we both live needs brilliant people. What you are advocating for with your fellow Democrats goes far beyond guns and into control over the tools that people like me use to keep the state of Connecticut brilliant. What you are doing hurts not only the gun owners, but the right of innovators to explore new frontiers. The kind of innovators the our state has always relied on to let it flourish.
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