The Kaepernik Effect

Nike bet big on Colin Kaepernik and Black Lives Matter. They made their stance a major part of their marketing strategy. Like many in the corporate world, They forgot one simple thing, got woke, and are going broke. That simple thing? It’s the product that’s important, not a political message that may insult the customer.

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Portfolio Of A Dying Industry

A wonderful gallery of photographs of the American textile industry.

It’s easy to see that, regardless of the obviously proud and dedicated people working in those factories that the industry is slowly dying.  Like so many it’s being strangled by a leadership class taxing everything that moves for money to spend on their own offices and privileges and hand out to the favored people.

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Unexpected Beauty Hiding inside America’s Last Fabric Factories

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Ephemeral Fashion

You get a feel for ephemeral and delicate things like clothing are from this interesting archeological expedition by a bunch of Adidas employees to Argentina to track down some of the Shoes Adidas made in the past: