Working In Clay

How a car is created. One would think that designing a car would be a process of creating drawings and then transferring the drawings to sheet metal.  Which is. But there are some intermediate steps to the process and the best way that car designers have found over the century or so of designing cars is to first create the car in clay.

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Designing, Forming And Joining Sheet Metal, A Lets Build Resource.

I want to talk about sheet metal and making sheet metal parts.  Now for a variety of reasons the maker community has  avoided using sheet metal in their project and that’s a mistake.   I see a lot of maker designed machines that use thick plastic panels where I, as designer would have used a formed sheet metal panel.

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What Is Good Design?

What is good design? Reading the article below, Mr. Dyson would have you believe that good design mean paring things down, being energy efficient as possible, being green even at the expense of lower costs. I’m not sure that  that’s always the case.

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