Trains over the Marsh

A long time ago in order to relieve stress from work, I drove down to the shoreline in Stoney Creek.  I looked out at the Thimble Islands and then I heard a train on the Shore Line and turned around to see two trains meeting and an old rusty bridge.  The bridge turned out to be the old Shore Line Electric roadbed turned into a park, which turned out to be the perfect place to get a short hike, relieve stress and chase trains across the marsh.

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Developing Skills

In this case product photography. A few days ago I posted about my great grand father’s watch Here. The pictures are nothing to write home about as I screwed up the lighting.

I thought that I would share the little studio I built for taking pictures of small stuff and some of my previous efforts.

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Portfolio Of A Dying Industry

A wonderful gallery of photographs of the American textile industry.

It’s easy to see that, regardless of the obviously proud and dedicated people working in those factories that the industry is slowly dying.  Like so many it’s being strangled by a leadership class taxing everything that moves for money to spend on their own offices and privileges and hand out to the favored people.

H/T Messy Nessy.

Unexpected Beauty Hiding inside America’s Last Fabric Factories

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