Big Logistics

How do you get a 285 ton anode from it’s fabricator to the mine?  Very carefully with some big logistics.

Crossing a bridge.

Up and down a hill.

Some more video.

The final mile.

Precision Heavy Haul’s videos.

Just Plain Stupid

I’m not a transportation or logistics specialist.  I do know enough about these things to understand the proper procedures for dealing with the possibility that your facility might go boom.  One of the most important things that you need to make sure doesn’t happen is to have people living too close to such facilities.  I would have expected that the Tianjin explosion was an outlier.  According to this NY Times article, apparently not.

This has been a lesson learned all over the world, the hard way.

If the Chinese were smart they would consult the experts and regulations promulgated by other countries about this stuff and change things before we get an even bigger boom.