Corporate Paranoia Gone Crazy

A long time ago, I sold some things on Ebay to make some extra money. I went around to tag sales and spotted things that I thought would sell and learned quite a few things about marketing and selling. One thing I never considered was that Ebay was essentially immoral until this recently appeared. Apparently some people at the top of Ebay decided to go after a couple that produced a newsletter for online sellers. Go after in the worst possible way.

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Some Questions That I would Like To Ask Peter Strozk

I was watching the hearings with Special Agent Peter Strzok and some questions come to mind. That is if the all so convenient FBI council would let him. Frankly if I were Director Wray at this point my orders would be to give the joint committee everything. The longer that the FBI stalls, the worse it’s going to get for the FBI. If heads must roll at this point, the heads must roll and the faster it gets done the better it will be for the FBI and the country. If things go too much longer the FBI’s reputation, what is left of it, as a viable law enforcement institution will be essentially gone. All the talk operations and ongoing investigations at this point is nothing more than a very tattered cover for something that is truly ugly.

With that in mind, here are my questions.

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