The Very Early Days Of CAD

I’ve been looking at computer graphics and engineering CAD systems for most of my life.  I’ve been a more or less continuous user of CAD systems for over thirty years now and I thought I knew most of how it came about.  There have been things I never really understood about how the way things worked in CAD as opposed to how a designer or drafter thinks, but I didn’t think to look into that very deeply.

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Using Solidworks For 3D Printing

This looks like it would be pretty easy to do for somebody who’s fairly experienced in Solidworks.

SOLIDWORKS Meets Star Trek: Beyond

Designing for 3D Printing with Cosplay Artist Kirby Downey

Solidworks is a powerful tool for designing parts.  When I think that I have mastered the program, I see stuff that makes me want to learn how to do it. This sort of thing, for instance.  I don’t have a 3D printer right here, but I do have a makerspace with printers nearby and some ideas for projects.  Now all I need to do is crank up Solidworks and draw them up.

Is Dassault Losing Touch With The Solidworks Market?

Reading this, I get the feeling that decisions that sound good for earning calls tend to go wrong very quickly.

Especially when you tell the customers that they are going to have to pay more.  I’ve used Solidworks at several companies and interviewed with perhaps at least fifty more in my area.  Lots of them are smaller outfits that can’t get the budget to upgrade every year.  Especially in the current economy. Unless there’s a drop in subscription costs they’re going have to justify a cost that those companies can’t really afford.  I don’t think that they are going to like being left out in the cold with an arbitrary decision like this.  And the new players in the CAD business are already swimming around like sharks.  And some Solidworks have already switched.

I was looking forward to looking at the new Solidworks startup program when the details became available for my “Lets Build” series, but if they are going to be this arbitrary and change the rules with  this little notice I don’t see how I can.  If Solidworks is going to want to keep it’s user base I would recommend that they be more upfront and stop making decisions that sound good for earnings calls, but not for their customers.  After all we pay for those earnings, we expect that they remember that.

Free Parts For CAD, A Let’s Build Resource

If you are starting a design, one high power tools is the availability of free parts.  You can get parts from many sources to work on your projects. I have a basic philosophy against creating a model or designing a part that I can buy.  Most vendors will provide models.  In addition I’m going to include resources that I’ve use over the years.  This is a great time for timesavers like this.

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In Current Times Can You Afford To be A Specialist? A let’s Build Special

In the past, things were put together by teams of specialists for the most part.  This was especially true when big companies ruled the roost.  you enter your career doing something and that’s what you would do until you retired unless you were promoted.  That’s what my grandpa Clyde did at Eastman Kodak from the 1930’s to 1964 when he retired.  He always worked in the emulsions department, ending up actually heading the department, until he retired. There were other engineers or scientists who handled other tasks and there was only a limited degree of crossover.

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