More Research Odds and ends.

Here’s some more link and related stuff. In this post I’m going to do things like link to books in my library as well. Do I think that everybody will be able to access naval academy textbooks from the 1930’s? Not really, but I never expected to find them either, but when I did I bought them. and the set of The History of Technology and that book on farm life in the Nineteenth Century.  The reason I have those references is that that I was open to buying them in the first place. As a writer the goal to be to write a book that Sarah Hoyt will not throw across the room. Your goal should be to not insult the reader’s intelligence, not go so far off the deep end that reader never wants to come back.  You should do enough world building that the reader will feel comfortable living in that  world.

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Let’s Build A Product: Resources, Or Who Do You Know?

As I sit here all by myself, I have to wonder how to make this happen.  I’m just a designer and mechanical engineer.  Do I have the skills I need to make this successful?  The better question is do I need the skills to make this happen all by myself?  The answer is no.  Nobody is an island.  Look at it this way.  I’m by nature an introvert with not a huge bunch of friends.  Yet in my network I have:

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Free Info

As an engineer, you quickly discover that there are magazines out there that will send copies for free.  These can be invaluable resources for ideas and access to vendors, who pay for the magazines with advertising.  Here are some that I have found useful over the years.

These and more have been very useful in the past.