Art Of The Week: Danny Elfman’s Music.

The art of the week this week is Danny Elfman’s soundtracks.

Elfman’s soundtracks have a movement and a bounce that say, John Williams soundtracks do not.  While a Williams soundtrack will tend to make you think of grandiose and large scenes, the imperial march, for instance, an Elfman score will bounce.  Here’s a playlist so that you can listen for yourself.


Art Of The Week: John Williams

Sometimes an artist has a big impact on your life. The music from John Williams has done that for me.  I started listening to John Williams music as music with Star Wars.  Certainly I had seen movies with John Williams soundtracks, like Earthquake, The Poseidon Adventure and Jaws. I never listened to the soundtracks as music.  Mostly it was lack of opportunity as I didn’t have access to records or a record player.  It all converged with Star Wars Though.  We got a record player and I wanted the music.  I’ve been a fan of John Williams ever since.

With his 85th birthday last week, Joh Williams is artist of the week.

Here’s some clips.  Enjoy

Art Of The Week, Joe Hisaishi

I am a huge fan of movie scores and soundtracks. I think that the music typically stands on it’s own without even watching the movie.  Since the 1990’s one of my favorite composer and artists has been Joe Hisaishi, the composer responsible for the scores for Hayoa Miyazaki’s films and many others.

Here’s some of his work, enjoy.