More Moore’s

Humans tend to believe that the same trends will continue in the same way regardless of circumstances.  A trend will get everlastingly worse or better with nothing changing. The fact is that every trend is susceptible to outside factors. Here’s a case in point.

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Pratt’s New Engine, The PW1000g

Pratt has finally completed it’s geared bypass engine for commercial aircraft. The development for this engine has been going on for a long time. There are reasons for that.  Some of it’s FAA red tape. The biggest part though, is the expected long life of the engines themselves.

It’s not like the old days where you did all your development in a backshop. Of course the aircraft aren’t enlarged kites anymore either.

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The End Of Moore’s Law On The Streets Of Shenzhen

Bunnie Huang goes shopping in Shenzhen.

He makes some very good points about how the end of Moore’s law has come for processor speed.  The end of shrinking the gate size is coming shortly as well.  Not necessarily because the physics don’t work but because the machines to make the transistors will have gotten prohibitively expensive.  It seems that there was another exponential in Moore’s law.

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Space Suit, Space Suit And More Space Suits


I ran across this blog post recently.  It’s an overview of all the sorts of space suits out there.

I’ve since found an amazing amount of stuff and links, most of which will end up in this post.  I think that, if nothing else, this post demonstrates the power of the internet for research. When I was in school finding information on this scale would have been impossible.

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The REAL Tomorrowland

When I was seven, my parents and I went to Expo ’67, in Montreal, which I imagine was much like the NY World’s Fair, which I’ve only seen the ruins of over the years.  What I’ve learned since is  that the world of Expo ’67 or the NY Worlds Fair was something that was going away very quickly, destroyed by Progressive activists, youthful rage and spoiled indulgence.  The world of the future that was shown at place like the NY World’s Fair was wasted for  “wars on Poverty” and Social Justice that, in spite of tremendous resources being spent never actually seemed to improve anything.

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