A History of The American Diner.

I was looking for a plan of an old fashioned railroad car diner so that I could make a 3D model for cover art an I found a lot more than I was looking for.
This picture from Flikr shows what I was looking for.
The Lunch Box Diner
This old diner is in much better shape than the two I found in town.
This is my local diner.
There are a lot of diners around and they are great way to get a nice meal that isn’t too fancy.
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It All Started Here

The start of the American Hamburger, In New Haven CT


From that little restaurant in New Haven, all the other burger place have sprung, all over the world.  The hamburger changed how the sandwich and meals were thought of.  A hamburger provides a solid hot meal that can be made in minutes and can be held in the hand.  You can put just anything on the sandwich to make a different taste.  This speed and flexibility are why the burger is the food that rules  the world.



And you can still get a burger at the place that started it all.

This Is Evil

I love French toast.  I love fresh bread.  I love Boston Cream.


This looks so good and I don’t have ANY of the ingredients and making it would be SO bad for me.  Still, YUMMY!!! Evil, but yummy.

Of course Yankee Magazine has a recipe.


And the test kitchen is on it.