The Legacies of Lyrei, Chapter 1-2

Here we go again. This is book 24, in case anyone is interested. There are over 3 million words written in the series. I do hope that people have been enjoying it as much as I have been writing this. Legacies of Lyrei ended up being two books, since I felt that 2 hundred and fifty thousand words was too long for one book. This is planned to be the second from the last book, but the last book is already 120,000 words.

In these chapters, Naertho makes plans and the general wants to know about airplanes.

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Getting It Wrong.

One problem that many of us who want to make arguments about guns have with those on the other side of the argument is that they don’t know what they are talking about. It is very difficult to make arguments if the other side doesn’t have a clue. By and large, that includes the media, who have an obligation to at least get the facts straight. All too frequently, they do not. Here, from the Week Magazine, is a case in point.

Let of delve into pile of distortions and falsehoods, shall we. I will add my comments in italics after the paragraphs

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The Great Dance, Chapter 91-92

“She is the head daughter of the family. She freely admits what she is. The fact that she insists that she remain a slave is the ridiculous part, but being ridiculous comes with the territory when it comes to High Elves, something that most of this room has had some experience with. I know that Lythienne has done things as silly as Filia, so I am hardly going to comment on what she does.”

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