In Current Times Can You Afford To be A Specialist? A let’s Build Special

In the past, things were put together by teams of specialists for the most part.  This was especially true when big companies ruled the roost.  you enter your career doing something and that’s what you would do until you retired unless you were promoted.  That’s what my grandpa Clyde did at Eastman Kodak from the 1930’s to 1964 when he retired.  He always worked in the emulsions department, ending up actually heading the department, until he retired. There were other engineers or scientists who handled other tasks and there was only a limited degree of crossover.

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When You Think About Barriers, Think About this Guy

If you think about barriers, look at this guy.  I think the most important thing is that Ritchie and his parents don’t think about Ritchie’s lack of arms and what he can’t do.  Ritchie is concerned about what he can do.  Which is a lot.  It’s not easy for anybody to sit in his seat, but he does it very well.