Small Museums: The New England Air Museum

I’m going to visit some of the local small museums and post about them.  Small museums tend to have be more open and have more eclectic collections.  They are usually specialty museums, but tend to collect all sorts of odd stuff. They also tend to be rather less organized than a larger more professional museum.  They make up for it in the enthusiasm of the people presenting.  Try a small museum out. You probably will not be disappointed.

The museum in this post is the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks CT.

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Everybody Does NOT Just Take Stuff

Especially when you are visiting or working a museum or historical setting like a graveyard, which this was.

That crew was there because they obtained permission.  One tenant of that permission is that they would leave things as they found them.  If they can’t restrain their sticky fingers for themselves, think about all the other people filming out there.  Will future film crews not be able to access historical sites because their custodians and owner are legitimately concerned that the crew make off with tings that maybe cannot be replaced.  Every museum or historical, no matter how small has things that are unique to them that they may just keep out to share with visitors. Part of that is the trust that the visitors will not make off with things.  This crew violated that trust and no matter how famous they may feel they are, there will be repercussions for that crew and the industry.  Once you break trust, it’s almost impossible to get it back.

Picture of Sono Switch Tower Museum, run by volunteers.