Great Grandpa’s Watch

A while back I posted some videos of old watchmaking factories.  The videos went through how those wonderful watches were made.


I followed up shortly after with another post showing how a mechanical pocket wacth works.


Recently I inherited an ELGIN WATCH!! this watch had been my great grandfather Duthee’s watch back when he ran the hardware and feed store in Pullman WA. This is strictly a workingman’s watch with no frills or extras, just sound construction and good timekeeping. Here are some pictures.

I did some checking and found some databases with a bunch of Elgin watch information including databases with the production dates of every Elgin watch.



The watch was fabricated in 1882 or 1883 and more than likely my great grandfather mail ordered it about that time.  He then carried it for the rest of his life and it was passed down to my grandmother and finally to me. It doesn’t currently run as I don’t have a key to wind it.  It needs to be cleaned anyway.  I hope to get it cleaned and make it my very retro daily timepiece.



Industrial Sales Models

This interesting article showed up on Boing Boing the other day.


This is manufacturing for a market that I’ve seen but not known much about.  The idea here is to make the kits as simple as possible to assemble and rather durable rather than attempting for the highest degree of fidelity to the prototype.  Looking at the catalog they made some interesting stuff.