Cover Art, Part 2. Mainstream Hard Cover Dust Jacket Art, 1920- 1990

This is the second of my series of posts looking at book covers. This time, we cover Dust Jackets from about 1920 or so, to about 1990 or so. The book selling industry went through a lot of changes as the country did and so did books. So, w go from the Washington sguare book shop to the big box stores of today and the books inside them.,%2017%20West%208th%20Street-2F3XC5U0V5IE.html
Note: the books chosen are chosen because of the way that the covers were done, not the content of the actual books. So there may be examples of things like Fabian Socialism. That does not mean that I care about the book.

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Book Covers, Art From The Past, Turn Of The Last Century

Over the Years, I have owned a lot of books, with most of the books of my childhood long gone, and seen even more. In my search for cover ideas for the mermaid and Blasted Lands books, I found a treasure trove of covers and I thought that I would post some of the covers that I found. This is the first of a series of book covers and my ongoing struggle to think outside the box for Mermaids. My pintrest board collection of book cover pictures is here:

This first post is going to be books from the turn of the last century and before. Enjoy.

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