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The top image is from the SONO Switch Tower Museum. A treat little place to visit in South Norwalk CT. I occasionally volunteer there from time to time.

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Popular Radio Host Michael Savage Broadcast Shut Down Nationwide as He Discusses Clinton’s Health…

Well they’ve finally done it. Cut one of the bigs off the air.

The Last Refuge

2016: There are Trillions of Dollars at Stake…

michael-savage-1Wow. This is quite remarkable.

Michael Savage is a very well known radio talk personality. The Savage Nation is a nationally syndicated talk show that is the second most listened-to radio talk show in the country with an audience of over 20 million listeners on 400 stations across the United States.

Earlier today he was discussing his perspectives on the presidential debate and giving examples of current and anticipated debate bias.

In addition, the broadcaster began discussing Hillary Clinton’s mysterious health condition that Savage believes might be Parkinsons.

Almost immediately, and without any notification, New York (tri-state area) radio station WABC-Radio TV cut Savage off the air and replaced him with the lesser rated  Curtis And Cooby Show.

Shortly thereafter, as Michael Savage discovered…

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Studio Ghibli Papercraft

I realized that I hadn’t done a Ghibli post in a while.  Then Messy Nessy ran a post on the wonderful kits that Sankei produces for the Mama Aiuto gang at Studio Ghibli. How could I pass that up

These Miniature Japanese Paper Crafts are the Antidote to Pokemon

Hobby Link Japan has good tutorial on how to put the Sankei kits together.



I also found these videos, which make building the kits look easy.



Sankei is essentially two companies, one to fulfill the museum and architectural model and the kit making business, which makes the Ghibli stuff and other things for hobby.  It looks like the hobby business is growing.  Check out the videos for how easily these kits go together.

Most of these kits are not to expensive and many could provide an afternoon of creativity and some thing nice to show for it for  $20.00.  Try them out.

It’s All Magic

Recently this showed up on my timeline. Apparently, people have been destroying their phones by drilling holes to put phone jacks in.  There’s just one problem.  There is no way that that would work.

“I committed the biggest mistake of my life”: iPhone 7 Owners Destroy Phones After DRILLING Their Own Headphone Jack

All of the fuss seems to be about this video.



The video rather colorfully shows a phone being put into a large machinist’s vice(with hard jaws) and drilling a 3.5 mm hole in the case and deep into the phone.  The    video maker seemingly   just drilled the hole and away you.

Clueless iPhone 7 owners tricked into DRILLING hole in their phones to ‘get a headphone jack’

A lot of people were fooled by this apparently. Their desire to believe that that is they could do one simple thing and all would be solved a was so strong that they

First of all that hole in a jack is not really a hole. It’s what we in the business call a “receptacle” and there’s some pretty intense engineering going to o make sure that when the jack is plugged in, the is contact made. For thousands of insertions. Reliably.  This is a variation of what’s in the hole of a phone receptacle.


The “hole” is actually a carefully toleranced arrangement of Precision sheet metal parts designed to be folded so that a contact is always made in the right place with whatever of the variations of this very old jack standard.



There was no way this was going to work. Still people wanted to  believe. That need was so strong that people were willing to drill holes in expensive telephones. The thing is, it takes far  less effort these days to check things.  It’s not hard to find a teardown site with the facts about what exactly Apple put in there. Instead, it seems that people wanted drill the holes and believe.


I Can’t Believe They Released This Video! Ouch!

It’s rants like this that do not make you look good

American Elephants

You may have seen this excerpt from Hillary’s speech to a labor union group. It’s not one of her finer moments, but the attention all goes to her harsh yelling, and not to what she is saying. Of course she is opposed to “Right to Work” laws. Democrats depend on generous donations from labor unions made possible by forced unionization and forced dues. Democrats have always been far more interested in big donations than in individual freedom. Here’s Robert Barro, a professor of economics at Harvard and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution:

Labor unions like to portray collective bargaining as a basic civil liberty, akin to the freedoms of speech, press, assembly and religion. For a teachers union, collective bargaining means that suppliers of teacher services to all public school systems in a state—or even across states—can collude with regard to acceptable wages, benefits and working conditions…

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The old Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times” applies here

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Realities of Crime

A Delusionary Mass Movement http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-22/do-whitelivesmatter-charlotte A Delusionary Mass Movement
Vengeful black mobs roam the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, and other North American cities, killing, looting, raping, in the name of an imaginary genocide. The real colour of crime is of a different hue than is claimed by the mobs and than what is highlighted by the media.

Realities of Political Peak Oil

Venezuelan oil workers are starving as the country’s production shrinks. Few things are breaking Caracas’ way these days, but its struggles to keep pumping oil, its most important resource, are undoubtedly at the very top of President Maduro’s list of concerns. As the NYT reports, the petrostate’s faltering oil production is compounding Venezuela’s many other economic difficulties… __ Source

In oil-rich Venezuela, “peak oil” is a reality. But it is political peak oil, caused by policies of socialist government.

Political peak oil, the only kind of peak…

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The Experiment: Capitalism versus Socialism

It comes down to the Mercedes or the Trabant

Watts Up With That?

Paul Driessen writes:

University of Delaware climatology professor (and amateur history buff) David Legates offers some fascinating insights into a persuasive socio-economic experiment. His analysis could provide handy intellectual ammunition for ongoing battles between free enterprise-oriented Republicans and committed socialists in the Democratic camp.

What if we could destroy a country’s political and economic fabric through a natural disaster – or a war – and then rebuild one half of it using capitalism as its base, while the other rebuilds on a socialist foundation? David wonders. Let the virtues of each system work their magic, and then see where the two new countries are after fifty years. Actually, he says, we’ve already performed The Experiment. It’s post-war Germany – and the outcome ought to end the debate over which system is better.

The Experiment :  Capitalism versus Socialism

What if we could have an experiment to compare the two systems?…

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