What Is This Place?

The top image is from the SONO Switch Tower Museum. A treat little place to visit in South Norwalk CT. I occasionally volunteer there from time to time.

I think that I need to update the sticky post. And add some rules.  First the rules.

Comments are very much welcomed. .  If you choose to remain anonymous you MUST provide a actual email address and a real, not Tor IP.  I want to talk to real people who have real personalities. If you want to not have your comment posted just say so and it will never escape moderation. If you want to find me offline my linked in profile is in the “about” post.

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The Martyrdom of the Grand Master, Chapter 52 and the end of the book.

Sorry about not posting this earlier. 

“Why kill the Grand Master?”

“The Darkmage killed the Grand Master because the Grand Master stood in the way. That is why this key was here and broken. The Grand Master gave himself so that the key would not be used to Scourge anyone.”

“I think that the Grand Master was trying to save the Darkmage from himself, Grand Master. That was who he was. The world has lost one of the greats today.”

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A look at peaceful protests

I’ve been running into a lot of material on the actions of the protestors in Portland and other cities and I want to compile what I have found.

The big issue is that these protests are neither peaceful or uncoordinated. However it happens, these protests are a coordinated and the people leading them are trained in violent insurgency tactics. That is evident from the blog posts and videos that I have seen. In this post, I’m going to attempt to keep things to the facts as I can find them. I’m not guaranteeing that all the things that I link to come from “approved media sources” or will be free of opinion. On the other hand, most of the posts are backed up by video and the tactics and patterns become visible once you read the posts.

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