Is It Ok To Be Both A Scientist And An Artist?

Adam Savage has been having a “Ask Adam Anything” blog on the Tested website.

One question that came up was this one from “dork daddy”:

Good morning, Adam. This question is from my brilliant, beautiful, precocious 10 year old daughter, Ellie. I certainly know how I would answer it, but I suspect you’d have a pretty unique and eloquent spin of your own. My daughter has passions and interests that range the entire spectrum. She is a gifted writer, a prolific artist, an enthusiastic athlete and a natural-born scientist. She has so many interests she sometimes feels like she can’t keep up. The question she often asks me as she looks to her own future is this:

Is it possible to be an artist and a scientist at the same time?

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Goodbye Mythbusters

I don’t watch TV.  If somebody were to ask me what the favorite shows were and what was on them, I couldn’t tell you.  Somehow I got out of the habit.  Maybe that’s because I don’t have access to a TV right now, but by and large I don’t miss it very much. Frankly most of the shows on just didn’t appeal to me very much.

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Space Suit, Space Suit And More Space Suits


I ran across this blog post recently.  It’s an overview of all the sorts of space suits out there.

I’ve since found an amazing amount of stuff and links, most of which will end up in this post.  I think that, if nothing else, this post demonstrates the power of the internet for research. When I was in school finding information on this scale would have been impossible.

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All Good Things Must Come To An End

The Mythbusters announce that the next season will be the last.

The end of a truly remarkable TV show.  Looking at the numbers, though, you could see this coming.  In many ways, Mythbusters was from a different period of cable TV shows, a time where the money wasn’t so big and people were willing to experiment.  In any case it’s been a fun ride.  Thanks, guys.