The RMS Queen Mary

Starting it’s career about the same time as the Normandie, Cunard’s entry into the super liner competition had a much longer more illustrious career before ending up as a museum/hotel in Long Beach CA.  That, in spite of a rather rocky construction and some thinking  for a time that the ship would   end up being scrapped in the slip before  ever touching the water.

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The Last Day Of Hot Type At The NY Times.

Here’s a film of the last day of using linotype machines at the NY Times.

It’s interesting to see the two stage process for manufacturing the Times printing plates in 1978.  At the time the Times was probably the largest newspaper in the world.  It was also beset by the ongoing woes of NYC.  In any case, the ongoing evolution of technology has made everything in this film, including the new typeset system at the end, obsolete and long gone.

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The Rooftops Of NYC

There’s an amazing variety of stuff up there.

First a piece from the Gothamist.

The temptation to put a small cottage or other structure on the roof can be overwhelming.

NYC Rooftops


They even have bars up top.

Rooftop Roundup

Here’s an album of NYC rooftops.