Tit For Tat

A long time ago the late Steven Den Beste stopped posting on USS Clueless because he couldn’t take the stress anymore and anyway posting on anime was more fun.  The Conservative political world lost a great thinker and his posts are still relevant.  Anyway, he was posting about somebody commenting about one of his long dead posts and thinking that it should be changed on his anime blog here.

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The Puppy Kicker’s Prat

Every cliquish group has to have a prat. You know what they are like. They are the ones who go to the extra effort to make sure everybody knows that he is aligned with the “right people” by constantly maligning and disparaging the “wrong people” In this case, the Puppy Kicker’s biggest prat is Damien Walter. Now there has been a lot of competition for Puppy Kicker biggest prat, but through and through Damien has come through in his columns in the Guardian. His latest is no exception.

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The Dragon Awards And The Puppy Kickers.

I’ve been staying out of the Dragon Awards because I haven’t had the funds to buy new books this year and I didn’t want to nominate books that I had not read simply because I was fans or friend of the author.  I am glad that Dave Weber, Dave Freer, Larry Corriea, Eric Flint, John Wright and other great people I’ve come to know were nominated.  Over all the noms look solid. What makes the Dragon Awards different?  Attitude!!! This is the attitude of the Dragon organizers.

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What Happens When SF is Reduced To Bad Propaganda For Religious Causes.


Today’s literary science fiction is eerily comparable to the current American political climate – drenched in a dystopian landscape full of dark futures and doomsday scenarios. While our culture is saturated with an apocalyptic fascination for ecological disasters, Kim Stanley Robinson is using his influence to help shape a major science fiction sub-genre. Solarpunk is considered one of the fastest growing sub-genres making headway in modern literature today.  It challenges the status quo and encourages mobilization toward environmental solutions and effective change.  Robinson uses a more innovation based, scientifically backed, utopian voice, which looks beyond the debate of climate science, to position solarpunk as literature’s parallel to a political revolution.

I’m not sure why I’m going to Fisk this piece of vapidity, but at least it can be used to point out the common ways in which PC and soft thinking has infected science fiction.  It doesn’t get more soft than this.

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