America 3.0?

Where is America going?  Maybe the better question is where do we want it to go? The election and Mr. Trump have soaked up a lot of the media attention in the last year.  But more and more, as I listen, I think; the real action isn’t happening there. While Mr., soon to be President, Trump will have an impact on the economy and hopefully do some thing to put things back on the right course, the only thing a President can do is create a fertile field for growth. It’s up to the people, especially the entrepreneurs to make it work.

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Boomtown, part 3

This is the third of Wired UK’s important series on Shenzhen.

Back when I was researching electrical technology back in the late 19th Century I found that the same sort pooling that Bunnie is talking about. As did the early radio types. In fact, the same sort of tension between patent holders who, for whatever reason have stopped innovating and innovators who want to continue to come up with new things has existed since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

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This is Shenzhen.

In 1980 this was fishing shacks, rice paddies  and economic freedom and opportunity. Think about that when you hit the booth in November.

So Where Did The Future Go?


A couple of  months ago there was a bit of hoopla over “Back To The Future Day.”  There were articles about how different things were all over the place.  Most concentrated on what we DON’T have, rather than what we do.

We have to understand that what we have now and what we will have in the future is the result of the decisions made in the past and being made now. For instance, the effects of the actions of the Federal Reserve are going to feed down into the future for a significantly long time.  As are the actions of all those alphabet soup agencies and their stifling effects on creativity and innovation.

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