What Will Happen If The Three Gorges Dam Fails

Recently I have been seeing a lot of Facebook and Twitter post about the potential failure of the Three Gorges Dam in China. Most of the posts are speculating about total failure of the dam. This Twitter thread is a case in point:

I think that looking at a total dam failure potentially misses the more likely partial failure and I thought that I would look at some failures that don’t involve the total collapse of the dam, but are still very bad. Here is a simulation of what could happen if the dam fails.

To call it potential disaster is understating the case. A small dam failure in Jonestown PA is still talked about a century later as a major disaster. If Three Gorges fails, the scope of the disaster will be incalculable.

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Is It Possible To Get Stuff Made In The US?

On Tuesday This short article appeared in the Wall St Journal:
The article had the usual complaints about not being able to get stuff made here in the US. The plaints of how impossible it is, how there were no suppliers to make what they want. I read the article, rather mystified, because I’ve never had much trouble getting all sorts of stuff made here in the US. Then I read it again and I realized the problem. When you bid for a job in China it’s turnkey. Essentially the manufacturer does all the work and all the company here in the US has to do is ship and collect the checks.

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