The Legacies of Lyrei, Chapter 75-76

What are you going to do about the cultists?”

“I don’t know yet. I’m just a vintner.”

“A vintner who is very good at blending grapes to make a superior wine. I think that you can find a way to blend some of your people, even if they have been tainted by the enemy.”

“You have surprised me. That is a very Silverin way to put things.”

“I have spent a long time next door to Silverin, blended with a bunch of crazy dwarves and orcs. If you get in trouble, I’ll have the Ironaxes come up to help.”
Taerel laughed. “They don’t sound like they would make a fine wine.”

“They are more of a wild drink, I think. A lot of fun with a bang at the end.”

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Why The Germans Lost The War On The Eastern Front

There have been and will be, scores of articles on why the Germans lost the Eastern front. They will talk about the lack of tanks, not enough Panthers or Tigers, or the crappy roads and rails. I think, though that a key number that just about everybody will overlook is the one I found here:

The number is that the train drawbar load for the German Army is 428 tons. That number is why the Germans lost the Eastern Front.

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The Blasted Lands, Update

I wanted to update the links page I did a while back. I really should have done this at the beginning of the latest book. The series has grown more than I wanted, but at least I think I know how it is going to end. There is one book added from the last update post. ufortunatley an edit pass means that I am in a race with the current book being postes

I want to point out that the chapters here are my raw writing. There will be spelling errors and possible inconsistencies. Later event in the stories may force changes in the earlier books. Most of the books do not have their prologues written as yet, with all sorts of good stuff. I hope to have the edited versions on kindle soon. Where things will go from there is a mystery even to me at this point.

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