Old Engines, A Tech Stuff Special

Recently I posted this video in Tech Stuff. Since people seemed to like it and I really like big massive machinery I thought that I would make Tech Stuff special post with engines, lots of the big engines and some not so big.  Also The CT Antique machinery show is coming up and this is a good way to show off the show.

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One Of The Weirdest and Fun Stores In CT

I’ve been going to United House Wrecking for 40 years or so starting when they were just over the Greenwich border in Stamford.  Back then you could get all sorts of weird stuff like Yankee stadium seats, Liberty ship hatchcovers, and NY subway car furnishings, to say nothing of the stuff from old houses that had been demolished and the cold war surplus.  Nowadays I suspect that the store has gone more mainstream, but it’s still a fun place to visit.


The Youtube channel.


If you are looking for stuff to individualize your home, United House Wrecking is worth the visit if you live in the NYC area.