How Nikon Designs

Cameras and everything else.  Nikon has historically been known for it’s design excellence for good reason.  The company has a good record for producing the kinds of products that have done well. What’s interesting is that unlike so many companies Nikon hasn’t tried to diversify our of it’s strength in optical products. They are, though very good at what they do.

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Designing a Nikon Camera: Video Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Industrial Design at Nikon

Nikon has been designing great products for a long time. I’ve posted about lenses before.


Of course exploring new markets is important as well.


Nikon is marketing its cameras directly to cosplayers with Cosgenic cosplay photo tip series

Nikon has managed to keep ahead in design, engineering and marketing and as such has thrived by developing markets.  In the lon run this has paid off in high level of company strength.

Gear Overload

Now I will admit to a full gear bag on my roundabouts in NYC.  But nothing Like this.

Honestly, you can live without flash in daylight. More than one camera is just ridiculous unless you are shooting both still and video in different cameras.  And DX Nikons saves you weight over FX.  For a shoot like this I would probably just use a fixed 35mm lens and set up shots by moving back and forth.  Or use and 18-55 for zoom.