Clauses For Little People

Amanda over at Mad Genius Cub Ran into another of those things that legal genius’s are putting into contracts for employment or creative work. In this case it is a morality clause. Well at leas that is what the legal genius’s are calling it. What it amounts to is yet another method of the people at the top of heap to avoid having to deal with “controversy.”

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Even more research odds and ends

We live in amazing times. So much can be available at your fingertips.

This is another of my series of the things I found while writing my Mermaids story.

Here is the Research Odds and Ends Series


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Why Doesn’t Writing Pay Anymore?

We live in a time when content has to be created in ever larger quantities to meet the growing demands of a literate world.  It’s also proven that quality content sells very well and makes money.  Yet content creators can’t make money. Here’s a post from Vox Popoli.

Vox is referencing Kameron Hurley’s post, here.

So How Many Books Do You Sell?

I’ve posted about this before.

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