Still More Research Odds And Ends.

Here’s some more odds and ends I found in searches related to the mermaid story.  Some thing mad it into the story, some did not. Still all of these helped shape the story one way or another.  Being able to read old period magazines and view old newsreels and pictures really helped to create the atmosphere.  Now there are things I may change for story purposes, but that doesn’t matter in a fantasy.  If I were writing a historical novel without mermaids, I would pay more attention to the real world.

The point of these posts isn’t to show the depth of the research I’m doing.  The reality is that I’m doing more writing than researching. Still there have been times when I was stuck and some bit of looking something up saved they story. There are also things I want to use, but haven’t quite fit in yet.  I may need to go back and change things to make some things fit in. Then there’s the plain fact that looking for some of this stuff has been fun and helps me to reach into a world that no longer exists.

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