More Research Odds and ends.

Here’s some more link and related stuff. In this post I’m going to do things like link to books in my library as well. Do I think that everybody will be able to access naval academy textbooks from the 1930’s? Not really, but I never expected to find them either, but when I did I bought them. and the set of The History of Technology and that book on farm life in the Nineteenth Century.  The reason I have those references is that that I was open to buying them in the first place. As a writer the goal to be to write a book that Sarah Hoyt will not throw across the room. Your goal should be to not insult the reader’s intelligence, not go so far off the deep end that reader never wants to come back.  You should do enough world building that the reader will feel comfortable living in that  world.

So for the engine in Tom’s boat we can start with this:

And airplanes in the 1920’s

And airships;

My great Uncle Roscoe who was a flyer in WW1;

Yes, I used him as a character. I may use other family members too. I have an interesting travel album that I can milk for material.

WW1 has been an interest of mine lately. I don’t think that you can understand the period between the wars or the entire 20th Century without knowing at least something about the Great War.

There’s a lot more here on my blog.

On another note there’s knowing the territory.  If you don’t have a pretty good idea of the ground your waking on, it’s sort of hard to make it believable. In my case I know New York as well as anybody in the 21st Century can know the New York of the 20th Century. I still learn new things every time I look.

Along with still more NYC stuff;

About the Wallabout Market, for instance.

Obliterated by it’s neighbor the navy yard in the ramp up to WW2

NYC odds and ends:

NYC aerial map:

Sometimes you run into gems like this on the NYC ice trade.

The sounds of old New York.

Houseboats? I can use things like this.

It’s good to know about things like cars.

When I talk about Tom’s tools I can draw on stuff like this.

Along with more videos.

And making stuff.

Some map stuff.

Along with more Connecticut stuff.
I used to go by where this hotel was just about every day.

Some Transportation stuff.

Including a look at the New Haven RR.

This site has a copy of the 1952 Official guide to railways scanned in.
Here’s another timetable site.
The official guide was a timetable book for the entire North American continent.
As far as the NY Subway goes, I’ve been riding the Transit museum fleet of old subway cars since the late 1970’s and there really is no better way to understand the system as it was.

this video has a very brief look at Woods Hole;

There is no railroad line so obscure that somebody isn’t building a model.

There has to be some way to work this in;

It’s too sweet not to use.

Farm stuff.

a lot of what I know about farming comes from visits to my relative over the years, but I do encounter things from time to time.

Odds and ends.

One thing I’m going to add. If there is something that you need to research about a topic, look for a small museum. Send an email and maybe try to visit.  The typical small museum is typically staffed by volunteer enthusiasts who know a lot about the thing you are looking to discover.  Who knows you might find some gem for your story. I’ll add a third page to this series as I find more cool stuff.

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