Building Not To Impress

At least on the outside. Maggie’s Farm did this post about houses in Wilton, the town just North of me.

Comments about how ugly these houses are, which happens to be true.  There’s a bunch of reasons for that.  Perhaps it’s not so much that these houses are not ugly, but incoherent.  Rather than being a solid design throughout one would get the impression that these houses were put together from design elements from different ideas and times all put together mishmash with very little concern for the whole.  You would be exactly right in that summation of how those houses were put together.

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Cities Are Living Things


This is the third in the series of post about city planning, though it’s actually the one I started first.  So far I’ve discussed city planning as science fiction and the fact that it was a good thing that it stayed as fiction.

Here I discussed city planning and it’s effects on urban economics.


Now I’m going to  look at city planning and it’s effect on the most important part of why you have cities in the first place, the need for people to have places to work and live. This post will start of with some stuff from William Whyte, who did a lot of studies on how urban spaces are used during the 1970’s

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