The DARPA Trials

Last year DARPA had a challenge to prove what robots could do.

Lots of robots doing stuff that’s hard, for robots.

A video.

A video playlist from DARPA.

Autonomous robotics is probably the most difficult technical challenge out there.  The ability to react to chaotic environments is difficult for the nonchoatic world in the computer.  It turns out that the binary nature of computer logic doesn’t work when you need yes, no or maybe yes and know and the advantage of situational memory.  I’m a bit surprised that DARPA hasn’t continues the challenges.  The challenge provides a platform for advancement and like the air races of the 1920’s and 1930’s provide a platform for people to get together and share ideas.  This was a win-win for everybody and I hope that work keeps moving.


Real Mechs Coming

Somebody built a real mech for Maker Faire.

Tested has more:

Of course Japan has some entries in this competition:

International robot competitions coming soon?

Yes I know the picture is of a Gundam.  You can go to Odaiba and see it if you like. I’s a cool thing up close.  And who knows, maybe we’ll start seeing things like it that really work. Maybe that’s not a good thing.

I forgot the landwalker.