Prototyping Techiques, Let’s Build

Here’s a cool site for prototyping and modeling techniques for design.

One thing is that you don’t need fancy tools like 3D printers for prototyping.  You can go a long way with just simple tools and materials.  Yes, a 3D printer makes wonderful shapes and stuff, but you can do the same thing with knives, balsa wood and clay.

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Mechanical Toys, A Let’s Build Resource

Does anybody remember the old erector sets? Well you can get kits to do the same sort of stuff.  Expensive ones. If your prototyping transmissions and linear motion these are big time savers.  That’s important in product development.

Wm. Berg also sells prototype drive kits.

Click to access b00d2-5.pdf

I’ll put updates on this page with more stuff like this as I run into it.

The “Let’s Build” Series.