More Research Odds and ends.

Here’s some more link and related stuff. In this post I’m going to do things like link to books in my library as well. Do I think that everybody will be able to access naval academy textbooks from the 1930’s? Not really, but I never expected to find them either, but when I did I bought them. and the set of The History of Technology and that book on farm life in the Nineteenth Century.  The reason I have those references is that that I was open to buying them in the first place. As a writer the goal to be to write a book that Sarah Hoyt will not throw across the room. Your goal should be to not insult the reader’s intelligence, not go so far off the deep end that reader never wants to come back.  You should do enough world building that the reader will feel comfortable living in that  world.

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Don’t Do It On The Train Tracks

That’s the last sentence in this report from the Today Show:

The rails are not playground. Mr. Rossen is absolutely right when he says that trains can sneak up on you.  I’ve been around trains most of my live and I experienced first hand.  Yet there are people doing stuff like this.


Consider that I shot this video the same day that those two people were playing with that water bottle.

The railroads keep trying to tell people not to be stupid.  Yet nobody listens.

A train can trash a car in seconds and what happens to somebody hit by one is never pretty.  Yet people don’t seem to understand just how powerful trains are. Two weeks and yet, here we are again.

There are plenty of dumb ways to die.

How Many People Have To Die Before People Stay Off The Tracks

Another one of those stories.

There are just too many of these stories.  RR tracks are not photo sets, trails or playgrounds. Nobody ever plays in the middle of a highway, yet here we are, yet another story of somebody hanging around on a busy RR track and paying the price.

Don’t Be This Kid

The train doesn’t care that you are an honor student.

Apparently being an honor student means that you get to do stupid stuff on railroad tracks. Or not. So I’m doing another, people do stupid stuff on RR tracks post.

So here’s some pics of people walking along, and doing stupid stuff on RR tracks.


Now is that line active? Judge for yourself.

This is getting stupid. Saving the planer will not save you from 19,000 tons of steel at 40 mph.

The railroad is not a photo backdrop.

Or a movie set, trail, gym or playground.

A railroad is a road and traffic can be very heavy, even on a single track, trains can come from either direction on any track, they can be moving very fast, they are very long and heavy and they cannot stop until they are long past where you are. So don’t be on the track.  Here’s a short video from Larry the Cable Guy on how to avoid being hit by a train.  It’s simple, don’t be on the track.


If you want to be sure what the rules are, you can go to Operation Lifesaver here.

The New Haven Goes Diesel

The New Haven RR was one of the first railroads to go heavily into dieselization.  They were quite proud of that and so was the manufacturer of the locomotives, Alco-GE. Here’s some scans of a couple of Brochures.

The first one.

NHdl1095 (2)

NHdl1095 (4)

NHdl1095 (3)

NHdl1095 (5)

NHdl1095 (1)

The second one.





Due to the nature of the railroad’s operation and it’s not having a lineside fuel source the new Haven pushed every cost reducing technology they could.  These locomotives are a case in point and they would do heavy service in the war soon to come.

Along with a video.