Train Tracks Are Not A Trail Or Playground

I ran into this recently.

Now this is just about the stupidest thing I have ever read about.  That film crew went out onto a bridge on active rail line and started shooting with a bed.  With no precautions whatsoever.  After the crew had been told that they had about 60 seconds warning.  The director should be up on manslaughter charges for what he did. Apparently they didn’t even bother to purchase a scanner, an essential tool when you are shooting trains or near train tracks.  To say nothing of the fact that the crew was trespassing on the bridge in the first place. I don’t imagine that the director would just start shooting with a bed in the middle of a highway  even if there was no traffic at the time, but he though nothing of prancing out on that bridge and setting up. Was he crazy?

Surprisingly if he was crazy, so are a lot of other people.  Here’s some pics I shot while railfanning in CSX’s River Line during our NRHS annual chapter picnics.  I’m going to say that the people I took picture of were not only ones I saw trespassing and doing stupid stuff on the tracks on those days.


This was active track.  It sees about 20 trains on a weekend day and more on weekdays.  which is why it’s popular with local railfans.  But still there all these people all the tracks.  As to why that’s a bad idea, here’s some video footage I shot the same day.

For some reason people don’t take trains seriously.  People who would never think about walking down the middle of a busy highway will walk out right along railroad tracks and into bridges and tunnels.

There’s whole stacks of videos like this.

Trains are dangerous and railroad tracks are not playgrounds.  You are putting yourself and other at risk by walking or playing around on the tracks.  And even a line that is single track can be heavily trafficked.  Be smart and just stay off the track.

I won’t even go into people that jump grade crossings, which is a related and serious issue.  There was a deadly wreck recently because a woman misjudged a crossing.   That’s bad.  But what’s worse is what happens when a car jumps in front of the train.  Let me out it this way, the train wins, always.

Don’t be this idiot.

Or this one:

I have friends who work on trains and I don’t them to go through what this crew did. Treat the track like you would a highway and be safe.

This photographer gets it.

Here’s the cab view of the Midnight rider incident.

And the cameras were running.

In more ways than one.

News report.


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