How The Progressives Lied

They are still doing it.  Back in 1964, the Democrats came up with what they consider the “greatest political ad campaign of all time.”  I’m looking at the ads and think it was the sickest pack of lies in American history. It’s amazing how what should be the easiest elections bring out the worst from the Democrats. Considering the amount of good will that the Democrats had after the assassination of Kennedy , it’s amazing that they felt compelled to stoop to this level.  It’s a testament to how controlled the media was that the campaign actually worked.

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Well THAT’s A Way To Get Attenion For Your Clothes Out Of A Rag Bin

Smash something wonderful, like a Porsche 911.  Look, if anybody feels a burning desire to smash their Porsche 911, I can probably find a nice home for it.

Of course the car guys had something to say about that.

At least they only burned the dress.