Art Of The Week: John Williams

Sometimes an artist has a big impact on your life. The music from John Williams has done that for me.  I started listening to John Williams music as music with Star Wars.  Certainly I had seen movies with John Williams soundtracks, like Earthquake, The Poseidon Adventure and Jaws. I never listened to the soundtracks as music.  Mostly it was lack of opportunity as I didn’t have access to records or a record player.  It all converged with Star Wars Though.  We got a record player and I wanted the music.  I’ve been a fan of John Williams ever since.

With his 85th birthday last week, Joh Williams is artist of the week.

Here’s some clips.  Enjoy

One comment

  1. StargazerA5 · February 15, 2017

    Tickets are very limited, but John Williams does a show where he conducts his film themes for a couple nights each year with the Boston Pops. You can find out more on the Boston Symphony Orchestra site.

    It tends to be a great event and I go when I can get tickets.


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