Is Dassault Losing Touch With The Solidworks Market?

Reading this, I get the feeling that decisions that sound good for earning calls tend to go wrong very quickly.

Especially when you tell the customers that they are going to have to pay more.  I’ve used Solidworks at several companies and interviewed with perhaps at least fifty more in my area.  Lots of them are smaller outfits that can’t get the budget to upgrade every year.  Especially in the current economy. Unless there’s a drop in subscription costs they’re going have to justify a cost that those companies can’t really afford.  I don’t think that they are going to like being left out in the cold with an arbitrary decision like this.  And the new players in the CAD business are already swimming around like sharks.  And some Solidworks have already switched.

I was looking forward to looking at the new Solidworks startup program when the details became available for my “Lets Build” series, but if they are going to be this arbitrary and change the rules with  this little notice I don’t see how I can.  If Solidworks is going to want to keep it’s user base I would recommend that they be more upfront and stop making decisions that sound good for earnings calls, but not for their customers.  After all we pay for those earnings, we expect that they remember that.

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