Free Parts For CAD, A Let’s Build Resource

If you are starting a design, one high power tools is the availability of free parts.  You can get parts from many sources to work on your projects. I have a basic philosophy against creating a model or designing a part that I can buy.  Most vendors will provide models.  In addition I’m going to include resources that I’ve use over the years.  This is a great time for timesavers like this.

One sources is 3d content central:

This is parts in Solidworks format, but Most CAD programs convert most of the popular formats when loading.

There’s also GrabCAD

Thomasnet has many CAD file in multiple formats along with vendor information.

The McMaster Carr catalog has a large library of parts.  These are available in different formats, but the models were created in Solidworks, so if you are working with Solidworks it’s easy to make changes.

There’s also this list, which has some sites that I haven’t tried, yet.

And another one I haven’t used.

To add to this post I’m going to put this free CAD software for PTC:

This is a version of the old Solid Designer software that I used a long time ago.

I’m going to keep this updated as time goes on.

The “Let’s Build” Series

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