Some Questions That I would Like To Ask Peter Strozk

I was watching the hearings with Special Agent Peter Strzok and some questions come to mind. That is if the all so convenient FBI council would let him. Frankly if I were Director Wray at this point my orders would be to give the joint committee everything. The longer that the FBI stalls, the worse it’s going to get for the FBI. If heads must roll at this point, the heads must roll and the faster it gets done the better it will be for the FBI and the country. If things go too much longer the FBI’s reputation, what is left of it, as a viable law enforcement institution will be essentially gone. All the talk operations and ongoing investigations at this point is nothing more than a very tattered cover for something that is truly ugly.

With that in mind, here are my questions.

  1. Agent Strozk, did you or any of your subordinates consult with people on the Trump campaign about the likelihood of Russian or other foreign actors to contact the campaign with offers to provide the campaign with information?
  2. Agent Strozk, did you of our subordinates consult with the Clinton campaign about the likelihood of Russian or other foreign actors to contact the campaign with offers to provide the campaign with information?
  3. Agent Strozk, Was there any humint that the Trump campaign was being targeted by the Russians or anyone else at any time before or after 31st July?
  4. Agent Strozk, You obtained FISA warrants to obtain surveillance of the Trump Campaign headquarters. Was there any discussion in the FBI about the extreme sensitivity of taking such action? Was there any discussion of the reason for not conducting such an operation?
  5. Agent Strozk, the FBI must monitor Russian activities here in the country fairly aggressively. You probably keep an eye on the Residencies and possibly some of the illegals. Was there increase in the activities of the FSD or anybody else that would leave you to believe that the FSD was involving themselves in the American election.
  6. Agent Strozk, Did you see any evidence of an increase in active measures and disinformation campaigns other than the ones that we’ve already seen?
  7. Agent Strozk, the Russians have been doing the same sort of things that you claim they did for a very long time. Probably with every election. How was this election different?
  8. Agent Strozk, Were any FISA warrants issued in regards to this investigation in an attempt to gain information about those Russian activities?

9. Agent Strozk, did your department conduct the same kinds of investigations in any other elections?

I think that the actions of the FBI and other agencies goes deeper than just the activity against the Trump campaign. It has been a long time now, but the concern of the people in Congress in the mid and late 1970’s was that the intelligence and law enforcement organizations of the government would become some sort of praetorian guard. Watching Special Agent Strozk at the hearings trying to defend the indefensible leads me to believe that those very organizations have gone far along that path. Agent Strozk’s attitude was not one of contriteness or of somebody who had committed a mistake. He honestly believes that he did the right thing by initiating an investigation against the campaign of one of the candidates for president. The fact that the entire thing was handled so callously says a lot about the institution of the FBI and the other intelligence agency’s involved. There is an ancient Roman saying, “Who will guard the guardians.”  The most important thing any institution in government must have is the trust of the governed. At the hearings I saw that trust being thrown away for a desire to maintain a corrupt status quo and power.

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