How The New Nerf Gun Was Designed

Solidsmack linked to an interesting video on the design of the new Nerf Blasters.


Nerf’s Head of Engineering Discusses the Brand’s New Paintball-Inspired Rival Blaster Line

Popular Mechanics also has a nice article on the new Nerf gun.

It’s an interesting departure from the traditional spring loaded projectiles this video cuts one open to take a look inside.


Hasbro has always tried to pursue innovative designs for a long time

New NERF Blaster Designs Feature Clear Plastic Housing to Reveal Internal Mechanisms

Modular Nerf Blaster Lets Kids Play Engineer with Over 30 Possible Design Combinations

Here’s the Engineer guy explaining the engineering of the original Nerf Blaster

Of course a toy with adult potential is going to get modded. Which may be the most fun part of the whole thing.  There’s a bunch of people remaking the toys into all sorts of fun stuff.

Anyway, that’s my post on the engineering of the Nerf Blaster unless for some strange reason Hasbro want’s an old engineer with cool ideas.

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