Art Of The Week: The Manga Of Hayao Miyazaki


It shouldn’t be a surprise that I am an admirer of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. I’ve posted about Miyazaki and Ghibli related things many times in the past.  Most people by now know about Miyazaki’s movies. Far fewer know about the various pieces of mange that he’s done over the years.  Which is sort of sad, because the mange is fun, has good, lighthearted stories, is where Miyazaki pokes fun at himself and is usually filled with pigs as characters. Here’s a list from

Miyazaki began publishing manga related to his work when he was a key animator for Toei working on Puss in Boots in 1969.  The manga was published in a newspaper and then as part of an artbook about the movie.

Since his Toei days Miyazaki has occasionally released manga the longest being Nausicaa Of the Valley Of The Wind which became the movie of the same title. This would become a pattern for projects that became movies and some that didn’t, like the proposed Pippi Longstockings in 1971.

Over the years Myazaki produced amazing stuff, much of the time with pigs as characters. Here’s some of the pages. They are not in any sort of order.

The various pieces often appeared in Model Graphix Magazine.

The Model Graphix pieces were collected into the book  Daydream Data Notes

Here are some more links.

Of course Miyazaki’s two autobiographical books have more.

Update: Miyazaki watercolor tips. H/T James Gurney.


You can find more Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki stuff here.


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