The Ghibli Museum.

One of the wonderful places you can visit in Tokyo is the Ghibli Museum.
It the physical manifestation one of the most creative minds ever. While Mr Miyazaki didn’t have the budget that Walt Disney had, he’s managed to create a wonderful space filled with imagination and fun. Here’s my Flikr album from my two visits there:


Unfortunately you can’t take photographs inside the building. Which is a shame as the space begs photography.
Here’s a scan of the brochure:
This doesn’t begin to show the wonderful weirdness of the space. suffice to say it will be like no other place you have ever been.
Watch out for the gift shop though. It’s run by the Mama Aiuto gang who are very skilled at finding ways to entice you give them money.
Then there’s this:
which is very tempting to me, even though I have a stack of stuff to build six feet high and no place to put it all.
This should be real:

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